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  "Brilliant starry sky, who is the real hero, ordinary people touched me the most." whenever I hear the lyrics, it reminds me of those lovely and beautiful angels, who are the medical workers fighting in the front line.


  This Spring Festival, a different spring festival, a virus with "corolla" broke into our life and became our enemy. A war without gunpowder started like this.


  In this battle, the most beautiful people are those angels in white. When the battle trumpet sounded, they gave up their vacation and went all out to do well in the treatment of patients. Regardless of their own life safety, they resolutely chose to go to the battlefield. Did they have any concerns? Yes, they have families, loving parents and lovely children, but they have given up their small family for everyone. What a noble spirit it is! When there was a shortage of medical staff in Wuhan, they signed up to go straight to the front line. I heard from my mother that some of them had already gone to Wuhan for help. These heroes rushed to the battlefield, day and night, fighting with the persistent killer of people's health, coronavirus pneumonia, in a big fight of life and death. How can we not be moved. Come on, Wuhan! With the help of medical workers, you will be able to overcome the disease and regain your health.


  The darkness will pass, and we will usher in the dawn. When we wait for the spring to bloom, it is our time to win. We salute the angels who are fighting in the front line. Please protect yourself and come back safely!



  Winter vacation is coming, we go back home as usual.


  At home, there are "crackling" firecrackers and fireworks every day. In the early hours of every morning, the gunfire rang through the sky, and the acrid smoke burst into the sleeping room, which made me sleep all night. The next morning, looking down, the ground of the ancestral hall is really "the red wet place at dawn, the flower is heavy in the city of Jinguan!" I tell you, this is not a flower, but a thick layer of red paper left last night! After a brief complaint, I'm still very happy. Because every day can take the red bag, but also can bake the sweet potato to eat.


  Originally, we planned to return to Dongguan on the 7th day of the first month, but the plan did not change quickly. Due to the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Hubei Province, we were forced to return to Dongguan on the 2nd day of the first month.


  Now, I can't go out to play, eat out, go to the movies All kinds of "can't" have come. When you have to go out, you have to "arm" yourself. But after reading all kinds of news reports, I understand why to do so. Because of pneumonia, Wuhan has been closed, vehicles and personnel are not allowed to enter. And those white angels who are fighting in the front line work day and night, and with their mission, pull one pneumonia patient after another back from the edge of death. Salute the angel in white! Pray to Wuhan! Salute to China!


  Dad said, "no game! Game has virus! "


  I said: "villagers can't set off firecrackers, fireworks and pollute the environment like competitions!"


  I, my father and my mother said together: "and you, pneumonia, go back if you have nothing! Don't harm the people again! "



  2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003.


  I saw in the news that the new virus caused by Wuhan as the source of infection spread to the whole country. According to statistics and analysis, the people who left Wuhan from January 10 to 22 and went to all parts of the country respectively arrived in Zhoukou, Yueyang, Yichang, Hefei, Chongqing, Nanning, Guangzhou and other places. This is an acute infection of pneumonia. www.zuowenla.cn


  The cause of the disease is that people eat wild Chinese chrysanthemum head bat civet. This is a serious crisis. As human beings, shouldn't we reflect on it? If the epidemic cannot be controlled, where will human beings go? If we take good care of ourselves, will it happen?


  As for how to protect yourself, first of all, although the virus has become a focus, don't listen to all kinds of rumors at will, scientifically prevent and control the sources of infection, cut off the transmission channels, and call on everyone to do a good job in personal protection, avoid going to crowded places, wear medical masks in public places, and pay attention to fast food hygiene,


  Wash hands frequently and drink more water. Try not to eat out and go out less. If you have fever or cough, please see a doctor in time.


  I hope that the people of the whole country will join hands to fight against this crisis and stay at home and not run around. We can certainly survive this crisis from our motherland. It's very important that medical staff have given up the chance to celebrate the new year with their families and rushed to the front line of the epidemic field. We should believe them more!


  Come on Wuhan, come on angel in white, come on China, wish the beauty of the world be linked with you.